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Store Policies


Used Books








The books we accept receive trade credit at ¼ of the retail price.

We maintain a record of your trade credit at the shop. 

Store credit may not be “cashed out” at any time, and will expire after five year of inactivity.

We may refuse any book that does not meet our standards, or have too many copies of a title. Books must be “Bookshelf Lady clean”, with covers, pages, and spines intact, no mildew, mold, water damaged, smell of cigarette smoke or pet pee. Excessive highlighting is unwelcome. Spiders, bugs, pet hair, coffee stains and dust bunnies are just plain icky. We will not evaluate books that could pose a threat to the health of our staff or lower the quality of our stock. Be advised, excessive wear, discount and garage sale stickers will reduce the trade-in value of a book.

There is a limit of 40 books traded per visit. Drop offs without a purchase, are allowed only two consecutive times. No drop offs without a purchase will be accepted during July and December. Please understand, we may not be able to accept all books dropped off. We have limited space and try to maintain the best, selection possible. If rejected books are not retrieved in one week, we will donate these books to charities, or will be recycled.

Store credit will be applied to the cost of used books which are priced at ½ the publisher’s retail value. We charge a .25 cent per book cleaning and stocking fee, paid in cash. This is necessary to maintain cash flow for store operation (Funny, Bookshelf Ladies expect to be paid!!)


New Books

Store trade credit may be used to discount the price of new books up to 20%. This includes in-stock and regular warehouse orders. Trade credit may not be used on special orders. 

Exchanges are allowed within 15 days of purchase.  Cash refunds are not permitted.  A store gift certificate will be issued if item is returned within 5 days.